Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sickness in the States

I had hoped we would get sick less in the States. We came here getting over respiratory issues from the sandstorm that came through Abu Dhabi right before we left. Upon arrival we were greeted with the myriad of different types of pollen we weren't accustomed to in the desert. So our sinus and allergy symptoms were haywire the first few weeks!
Then Ezra got sick wheezing and coughing. When he woke up barely able to get a breath and coughing like a seal barks we took him to the emergency room. There, he was diagnosed with a bad case of croup and given a steroid to open his bronchial tubes. A humidifier helped, and I was thankful to have it when Elias came down with the same thing. 
Talia then came down with fever and cough and flu-like symptoms, that when recovered, Elias caught. 
In the middle of that I had a horrible stomach virus that kept me in bed and my dad, who wasn't feeling good either, saved me so much trouble by watching the kids so I could puke in peace.
Elias, who seems to copy everyone, had a night throwing up with a fever after me. 
Now, aside from a carsick episode, we seem to finally be getting better! 
Since people in the desert have seemed to be suffered the same issues as we are here, I'm thankful to at least be with family. It's easier to cope with sickness when there's people who can help, though I never would have wished it on them. Thanks so much to my parents for showing us love in action.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rainy Season in the States

I feel like the consistent rain every day is a welcome back to the States from the desert. I still love the sound of it! And how it is helping our plants thrive! And bringing some creatures out to be discovered! 
Like this snapping turtle Talia found in the front yard (that after taking this picture we got a shovel and gently helped over the fence):
Or this frog my fearless girl caught at her uncle's house:

Or this one she found outside of the garden at my parent's:

(Have I mentioned she loves animals? She was careful with them and put them back. And washed her hands.)

The rain has taken what I've planted from this:

To this in just a few weeks!

I love growing things and the rain that nurtures them. I know that soon this rainy season will end and the leaves will lose their spring green and transition to a hardier dark green for deep summer. It's nice to see the seasons up close again!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Clearing Out Winter Vegetables

It's SO GREEN in the States right now! We've been working in the garden a lot. Last month we worked on clearing out these winter vegetables to get the garden ready for summer vegetables.

 Talia and Elias helped pull up the huge cabbage, onions and turnips that were finished or had gone to seed.
They had a blast!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Animal Hugs

Talia loves animals. Besides the myriad of mostly wild cats, couple of parrots and lizards in Ruwais, there weren't many animals around for her to have a close experience with. Since we've been in the States she has used every opportunity possible to hug every animal she finds:
Like this duck...

Or this cat...

or this chicken.

Her dream right now is to grow up and be a doctor who lives on a farm with a lot of animals. We sure love this girl and her tender heart towards other creatures.