Sunday, January 24, 2016

A New Fruit and Cultural Times for Food

Yesterday Ben was gifted with a fruit I'm not familiar with. The lady said it was "maricuya" and like a pomegranate. She suggested it blended and said "con vino se hace una buena margarita," which is something I wouldn't know about. Here's a picture if you're interested. It reminds me of the smell of guayaba.

Speaking of food, the meal schedule is different, it seems, in each country. We generally eat within the hours of breakfast  6AM, lunch 12PM, and supper 6PM. In Abu Dhabi supper was much later, anywhere from 8PM to 10PM and Ramadan any of the permitted times before sunrise. 

In San José del Cabo it seems to be like this for most people: nothing or a very small snack (like a drinkable yogurt) for breakfast. Actually, our 11AM lunch time at school is called "desayuno," or breakfast, by many. Then the "plato fuerte," or heavy meal, is served around  2PM. Supper is a light affair around 8PM for the people I've spoken with. If you want tacos or other substantial food, you have to make sure they are still open for a 6PM supper time as some of them close after the 2-4 rush.

Regardless of time, the food here is delicious!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Texans in Cabo

My mom and my sister were able to visit us over Christmas break for three and a half days.

We took them to church with us, introduced them to a great taco place, visited the municipal market, taught a cinnamon roll class and went to the beach! I think we crammed a lot for so little time. My mom took this photo of us at the beach (and has the other photos.)

We hope they can come back soon!