Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seen in Abu Dhabi: 15

Falcons wearing eye-covers (so that they will not attack, I assume.)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Seen in Abu Dhabi: 14

Strawberry tart dessert:

...at a nice restaurant that serves everything imaginable. Berries are one thing that are difficult to find (and expensive when found) in Abu Dhabi.
Blueberries were a big hit with Elias.

We had a great time with friends!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace; Outside

When you're touring the outside of a palace from a car because it's a good 110* F outside... you don't get very good pictures... just in case you didn't already know that.
There were buses behind us and swerving around us, but I tried anyways, because it's pretty impressive to see.
Just the fact that at that crazy temperature there was so much green foliage and flowers seemed to make a statement. I'd like to visit again in cooler weather and actually walk through some of the amazing park areas.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


YouTube is an introvert's multi-cultural training center... It's how I've learned to make things like from-scratch Mexican-style chicken tortilla soup, Italian pignolis, Indian samosas and a good fish curry while living within Abu Dhabi. One of our favorite new recipes is arancini, or, meat-and-vegetable-stuffed rice balls that are then battered and baked or fried. (I baked mine.) Laura Vitale's recipe here is my favorite so far.

Now, if I could just find someone local to teach me how to make camel-milk ice cream... or maybe not.

Do you have any favorite recipes you found online that were winners? I like to try new ones!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Moving from Abu Dhabi to Ruwais

Living in the bustling city of Abu Dhabi with around 200 nationalities surrounding us, the many different versions of English seem to be the default language. With less of an opportunity to learn Arabic and a thriving desire to do so, Ben looked around and spied a place away from the city... out in the western region... near camel farms and the desert version of country life, where most of the students and fellow teachers don't speak much English and found a place where he could probably learn Arabic with more immersion: Al Sila'a.
Nature colors Mix at the Port of Dalma Near Ruwais

We will be living about an hour from there in the community of Ruwais. (pronounced: "Roo-wayse") It is about two hours from Abu Dhabi. In the 1970-80's the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company built compounds in several areas with shopping areas, gyms, grocery stores, houses, parks, schools and hospitals within a 6km block. We are supposed to be placed in a villa inside one of these, which means all of the amenities like gym and beach passes, are free. Ruwais seems to have everything I liked about Abu Dhabi, and not the things I didn't, plus some extras like a free gym and more families with children. We will be able to visit Abu Dhabi once or twice a month, but, as with any move, I will still miss so many of our friends who live here.

Here are a few Facebook photo albums of Ruwais if you're interested in more pictures:




Ruwais Pulse 

I hope to learn about it first-hand soon and share my own pictures and experiences.