Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Yo soy Tecun Uman!" aka Winning a Schoolwide "Fashion" Show

Who ever thought I'd be a Mayan warrior?  Well, I can now add that to my resumé.  Guatemalan Pride Week was a couple of weeks back, commemorating Guatemalan Independence Day (check out ExpatMom's parade pics Set 1 / Set 2 from Antigua), and I was coerced asked nicely by my students to dress up for the "fashion" contest in which I had to dress up as someone/thing typical of Guatemala.  The result, no doubt because of my rugged good looks, was Tecun Umán (map), a legendary Mayan warrior, and coincidentally, the name of the town in which I was surrounded by campesinos with sticks.  Here's the result:  

Fearsome, no?  Anyway, there were several close competitors, but due to some roaring and foot stomping on my part (and perhaps that I stuck my tongue out at the judges surreptitiously) I managed to get first place in the contest.

What did I win?  Mostly satisfaction, but also a good deal of laughs, and hopefully goodwill.  It's great acting like a crazy man every once in a while.


  1. Nice. ;)
    Glad to finally see an update. :)

  2. You act as if there hasn't been an update in a month :D