Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank You from the Birthing Clinic in Guatemala

Not long ago we brought your attention to an immediate need for a birthing clinic in Guatemala who needed two fetal dopplers. Because of your generosity, both of those needs were met!

You've helped add a much better option to this list:

What birthing options are available for Guatemalans?

•"For poor Guatemalans, there are the national hospitals: C-section rates are getting close to 50%, all kinds of other interventions are routine, and the woman is unaccompanied through her birth."
•"The IGGS, the social security hospital, is very similar."
•"Many people who can barely afford it therefore opt for one of the small private clinics, only to have the same experience but paying for it."
•"Aprofam, an organization that started out subsidized but has to be sustainable at this point, has taken the same route in order to sustain itself."
•"In the rural areas there are local midwives available, some of which are very experienced and well (mostly self-) trained, while others are not."
•"The big hospitals in the city have a C-section rate of 70 to 80%, besides being very expensive."

Now, for more women, a natural birth in the clinic is more of an option. Thank you!

Hannah, the registered midwife in Guatemala City who runs Manos Abiertas for low-income families and also has a clinic, Centro de Parto Natural, in the capital was appreciative to have those two things marked off of her list.

Another immediate need they have right now is the donation of a working laptop.
"We have very little room and it is specifically meant for my accountant who travels between the two clinics and for our educational presentations."

However, if you live in Guatemala City, a desktop would be much appreciated as well, "for the Ciudad Vieja clinic that just has one and people are always in line. It should just not be too old and yes, in Guatemala."

If you have a laptop (from the States until August) in Guatemala or a desktop in Guatemala you would be willing to donate please comment with an email address or email us directly at sagaunscripted [AT] gmail (dot) com.

Please consider donating.

Spanish educational material about birth approx. 60$ or 470Q
1 professional grade, waterproof fetal doppler: $125 or 985Q plus shipping
1 complete birth package 240$ or 1,884Q

Also on their wish list is an obstetric ultrasound machine. Any donation, no matter the size, will help make a difference in a woman's life.

Thank you, from me, from countless women who would tell you if they could.

Read an interview with Hannah here.

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