Tuesday, March 12, 2013

International experiences at the park in Abu Dhabi: Who Needs the Same Language to Play?

Abu Dhabi is an awesome place for a blending of an estimated 200 cultures and languages. This is always evident to me at the parks and playgrounds.

I recently saw this in action: A little girl about Talia's age was jabbering away in a language I couldn't figure out. My best guess would be Russian... She didn't speak any English and Talia didn't understand a word she said either- But they were still communicating! It was fun to watch them communicate in 'kid language' jumping up and down and laughing at each other and pointing at stuff and running and chasing without knowing the same words! When we had to leave Talia waved and said "bye" and the girl waved and responded.

Who needs to speak the same language to play and have fun!? Apparently, not children.

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