Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sickness in the States

I had hoped we would get sick less in the States. We came here getting over respiratory issues from the sandstorm that came through Abu Dhabi right before we left. Upon arrival we were greeted with the myriad of different types of pollen we weren't accustomed to in the desert. So our sinus and allergy symptoms were haywire the first few weeks!
Then Ezra got sick wheezing and coughing. When he woke up barely able to get a breath and coughing like a seal barks we took him to the emergency room. There, he was diagnosed with a bad case of croup and given a steroid to open his bronchial tubes. A humidifier helped, and I was thankful to have it when Elias came down with the same thing. 
Talia then came down with fever and cough and flu-like symptoms, that when recovered, Elias caught. 
In the middle of that I had a horrible stomach virus that kept me in bed and my dad, who wasn't feeling good either, saved me so much trouble by watching the kids so I could puke in peace.
Elias, who seems to copy everyone, had a night throwing up with a fever after me. 
Now, aside from a carsick episode, we seem to finally be getting better! 
Since people in the desert have seemed to be suffered the same issues as we are here, I'm thankful to at least be with family. It's easier to cope with sickness when there's people who can help, though I never would have wished it on them. Thanks so much to my parents for showing us love in action.

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