Wednesday, September 2, 2015

San Felipe to Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur: Texas to Cabo Trip part 5

The map of Baja California is displayed in almost every restaurant around here, even the McDonalds (Playplace!!!! It was needed!) in Calexico had a huge map on its wall. (And a huge sword fish.) In the beautiful coastal town of San Felipe this was also true:
The waves were a decent size due to a fairly strong wind and it wasn't very hot here for that reason. 

Most of the terrain between San Felipe and Guerrero Negro looked like this:

Part of the highway between these two towns hasn't been developed yet; so one and a half hours of driving was on bone-rattling rocky road. We were so glad to see pavement again!

If you want "comida economica" here the option most of the time is "burritos de mancheca". This is like a beef jerky they cook with onion, tomatoes, or peppers sometimes to make it taste better and wrap in a tortilla.

In Guerrero Negro the temperature was really nice and the locals said it was like that year round.
Happy Travels!

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