Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tropical Storms and Beaches

Many people move here for the beaches. Ironically, we haven't been able to visit a beach since we arrived September 4. After all of the sickness last week ending in Talia's mild version of what they think was dengue, I needed to run again. This weekend we've been visited by tropical storm Sandra (who was thankfully downgraded from a hurricane) so it has been raining the entire time. When the rain finally let up Talia and I went for a walk, and this time, we figured out how to get to the beach!

The waves were marbled green, wild and moody, but so cathartic. I can't wait to run here next time. Next to the beach are a herd of horses! We love to see them and say hi on our way by.
Our school hosts a 3K-5K-10K and I think also 20K. I'm training for the 10K. I want my children to grow up active as well, so they walk or run with me when they can.

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