Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 Review

There are so many things I love about Mexico, but Cabo really has a concentration of those things. 

This year has been FULL of changes from packing up or selling everything in Abu Dhabi to our transitional 4 months in Texas to a three week escapade to our final destination and having to jump onto our jobs with both feet running. In all of these changes our family's prayers, coworkers and church family have made the difference.

It feels like we're finally settled in and it feels like home now.

Some things we have done this December include:
Piñata whacking! And csndlelight service, singing, feasting, and great conversation with friends.
Who spoil our kids;
Can you tell they've all had chocolate by their grins? Ezra was a blur, a chocolate covered blur...

I'm so thankful for the relationships we've found here. On to another full year!

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