Saturday, September 3, 2016

Green Fruit and Custard Apples

People seem to eat a lot of things before they're ripe here. People walk down the street every day pushing carts filled with green coconuts or green oranges. Green tomatoes are a popular acidic side to greasy foods. Green bananas are used in cooking. 

A fruit I had never seen before, that was also a green color, was introduced to me recently; but this fruit is ripe:
In Khmer it's called "pry tee-ahp." In Spanish it's "cherimoya" and in English I've heard it called custard apple or anona.

You peel off the bumpy green outside. It's thick and dry, so it peels off easily from the grape-like consistency of the interior.

Inside, the white part is divided into sections. Each section has a big, shiny, black seed inside.

The white part is delicious! It has a peachy, pear-like flavor. Compared to its ugly exterior, it is surprisingly nice!

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