Saturday, May 20, 2017

Birthday in Cambodia

We got to try a typical Spanish restaurant for my birthday, (not Mexican). By "typical" I mean even the name was Típico. ;) Literally.Of course, my favorite part was the churros!!!
I guess I don't look very happy here, but I was! So many nice people wrote me birthday messages. I think my birthday is one time I really see the myriad of places and people who've touched my life.
The kids loved churros too. Big surprise. 
Even Ben who hardly ever likes chocolate had a few. I think he might've preferred cheese to chocolate on them. 
And my awesome boss got me a birthday cake!
I know that I'm blessed more than I deserve and I appreciate all of the ways my family and friends made my birthday special.

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  1. A happy, happy birthday to you, my adventurous friend. I hope you get to spend so many days this year doing things that being you joy. Miss you! - Jessie