Saturday, May 16, 2009

From a Peace Corps volunteer: Top 10 reasons Guatemala is awesome

Beveres is a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala who has compiled a list of Top 10 Reasons Guatemala is awesome!  Here is some of my favorites based on my Guatemala experiences:

Being called "bien gordita" (fat) is a compliment.

You never thought you'd look forward to having eggs, beans and fried plantains twice a day.

You thought the first time you stepped up on that shiny yellow school bus in kindergarten was going to be cool- little did you know you would be on that very same bus 18 years later, in a different country and totally pimped out- AND have to pay your fare to a guy who is probably better qualified for acrobatics than professionals. Not only that, but these buses rule the roads.

Catching a ride in the back of a truck when the bus hasn't come by for hours is just doing what you need to do- even if it's with livestock.

and the No. 1 reason why Guatemala is awesome...... 

1. "Fíjese que..." can be used as an excuse for pretty much ANYTHING."
(this happened a LOT while translating for medical teams in San Raymundo!)

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