Thursday, May 7, 2009

Next steps...

Done with the papers for I can proceed to the REST of the moving steps. The good thing about doing all sort of paperwork now, is that if we move again to a different country (just saying! don't have a heart attack! :)) it will already be done.

A major part of the paperwork process is getting documents apostilled. Definition: Apostille: A certificate that is attached to foreign-bound documents to certify that the notary's signature and seal were valid at the time of notarization. It is obtained from the Office of the Secretary of State.

This mainly involves getting things like multiple copies of degrees, birth certificates, etc, and sending them to the Secretary of State's office where they can say, "Yep, it is what you say it is." Sort of like a notary, just more important :) this has to be done to get work visas and stuff.

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