Thursday, November 3, 2011

Childhood Artwork

My daughter, like most kids, has always loved drawing. She is constantly creating pictures on her magnetic drawing board, in the dirt with a stick, with colors on her paper or any other way she can figure out. I love it when she draws because it shows me a little bit more what the world looks like through her eyes... and most of the time, her depictions make me laugh in appreciation!

One of her favorite things to draw are bugs, spiders, butterflies and bumblebees. Once, a little, smiling bug appeared on the lid of her laundry pail (below.) He was so jovial and full of character, it was hard to explain how it wasn't appropriate to draw on the furniture with a straight face.

I think it's interesting that her pictures always involve characters from nature at this point in time. I like that she has enough contact with nature to feel that it is the natural thing for her to draw. However, it always has her own twist, like the spider (below) who looks quite startled!

At first, she would only use one color, when she used colors, to draw the entire picture. But as she has matured, she has begun to use multiple colors together to create a picture, like this picture of ducks in a pond:

Also, instead of drawing just outlines of things, she has recently begun coloring in some of her picture. Here, she was making a picture of a painted bunting for our neighbor as a thank you card for a book about birds for her birthday. I thought her bird turned out cute and had all of the right colors. He made me smile! :)

Do I think my child is a genius artist in the making? Not really... but I love seeing her art develop and appreciate all of the laughs and smiles she brings me with her whimsical pictures.


  1. I love it too! I remember when Maya was alot younger, I couldn't wait for her to draw something that actually looked like something, now she draws everything and makes us little books and neat creative things and I love it!

  2. Love the bird with the beak AND a mouth on the side. :D All the better for smiling with! I always love seeing what kids come up with when they draw. We have a lot of motorcycles and cars and big trucks hanging on our fridge right now!

  3. I think it is fascinating how at that age, they draw what they know rather than what they see. For example, the bird she drew has its two eyes on one side of its face, because even though it is in profile, she knows it has two eyes, so she draws them! Picasso was inspired by this in children he started to develop the style of art he pionered, but in truth, you could say it is just an adaptation of what children do. He found it fascinating and so should we. Thanks for sharing!