Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Preschool Physics (a.k.a. Having Fun Playing with K'NEX)

Talia just discovered my brother's old K'NEX set a few days ago... this is the first thing with instructions that she chose to build:

A Ferris wheel. We followed the instructions (easy-to-follow pictures) and little by little it came together.

The coolest part was that it really moved once it was all put together. There's a center piece that can be wound that then will propel the wheel around in a circle for a bit.

Or a rolling robot:

Or a combine that works with the addition of a rubber band:

I suppose this could be considered preschool physics... ;) but it was a lot of fun, if nothing else.

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  1. Wow, she did a great job. We have tons of these too (picked them up second hand here) son loves Many directions...he orchestrates all of his helpers to gather up what is needed so they can create some HUGE creation.

    Have fun!

    (great pictures)

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted