Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I'd Forgotten About Newborns

Since our daughter is 4, it had been a while since I'd been constantly around a newborn. It's crazy how many of the little details get fuzzy with time... even simple things like:

* They eat FREQUENTLY. Yes, I knew they ate, but when their food comes from ME it is impacting just how often. (I'm so grateful that breastfeeding is going well, there's no way I'm complaining about that.)

* They get rid of what they eat just as frequently...

* They make adorable cooing noises when they're nursing.

* Everyone and their dog wants to hold a newborn. Maternal instinct, especially around winter germs, does not mix well with this.

* Newborns grow so quickly!

* Their heads are really wobbly.

* Their cry sounds like a kitten's mew.

* They tend to gather lint between their toes and fingers.

* Their milky smell is the best!

* They sleep a lot!

Little man is already a month old and changing quickly. He's gaining weight and filling out with cute baby fat... I have the sneaky suspicion that HE will be 4 before I know it.


  1. the grow so fast its amazing. I never got to be with Maya as a newborn so it was nice to have Benjamin fromt he start. Even though I'm not a person who wants them to stay like that, I just find how amazing something can grow and change and develope. Yes the lint, we were there with that. Eating and then getting rid of said food, yes this is why I decided not to do clth diapers from the start.

  2. STOP! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE PICTURES OF HIM!!!! See, this is why my husband and I had to seek a more permanent method of prevention after our third child. We are both so weak when around the fresh ones.

    1. Ha! Thanks for the laugh this morning. :)