Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Experience With Cloth Diapers

I use cloth diapers, and I love them. However, I'm not crafty or talented enough to make my own yet, and since several people have asked for my recommendations, here is my experience with a few brands.

The very first time I tried cloth diapers with Talia, it was because a friend knew I would love them if I tried them and loaned me three of her BumGenius brand diapers. She was right. The only thing I didn't like about the diapers she loaned me was the Velcro-like closures that got stuck to things in the wash if I forgot to close them or that wore out quickly. There was a remedy: snaps.  I started with the FuzziBunz brand because it had snaps. I got the small size diapers, and they lasted size-wise for the first year. Elias seems to be growing much quicker, so I have a feeling he will be out of these by the 6 month mark. I also have a few adjustable one-size diapers that grow with the baby of both FuzziBunz and BumGenius, and those are the ones I would recommend starting with, instead of with sizes. After they grow out of those, what I have done with Talia is use the Bummis Whisper Wrap diaper covers (also the ones with snaps) with a regular pre-fold cloth diaper wrapped around a soaker from the FuzziBunz and it worked great, even overnight while potty training with Talia.

I've learned several things along the way: Snaps last longer, vinegar in the wash takes out the smell and line drying allows the sun to bleach the diapers naturally.

-I love that I spent the money with Talia and now I have diapers practically for free
-I love that for me they work better at holding in overnight pee than disposables.
-I love how they come in bright colors.
-I actually enjoy line drying clothes... so I like hanging them out to dry... (I might be weird though.)
-I love how if the economy collapses or something crazy happens, (wherever we are) I don't have to worry about getting disposable items. There will be enough to worry about if that happens.
-It's environmentally friendly.

I also got a TON of baby washcloths for Talia so I put them in an old wipe container and use baby-friendly lotion and hot water to make my own cloth wipes. They go in the same wash as the diapers and they work great.

I don't like.... hmmmm. Well, the only thing I don't like is when the baby starts eating solids, the result gets gross, but still, you just dump it in the pot- or get a sprayer to attach to the toilet (these already exist almost everywhere in Abu Dhabi to be used instead of toilet paper) or use liners (I used some dried out disposable baby wipes for this.) Even with this, I find it's worth the trade off.

Something I haven't tried, but am interested in, is using lanolin-treated wool soakers. Anyone out there have experience with this?


  1. I really enjoyed using cloth diapers for the short amount of time I did. I am frugal so saving money and making less garbage is awesome. I had a couple of the all in one diapers but that seemd like a waste, unless you already had a bunch of them. I just used the covers with a prefold in them. For whatever reason Benjamin now breaks and turns bright red if he pee's in one. In the throw a way diaper that doesn't bothers him unless its poop. He is so sensitive and has wimpy skin. I don't knwo why I could use them for a few months and then not? I tried double rinsing them ect to see if all the suddent eh same laundry soap was the problem.

    Love your washer dryer combo, interesting. Its takes my 2 that long as well you always have toe dry the load twice but I"m sure I can probably fit in a few more cloths.
    Eat yogurt its so yummy or make your own.

  2. We tried the make-your-own cloth diapers and didn't like them. We also have some of the Thirsties brand all-in-ones. I'm not sure if it is what we wash them in or what, but they don't seem to absorb much at all. Currently my favorite is Thirsties or WeeHuggers covers with snaps with a prefold. We do have Thirsties with Velcro and they don't stay on very well.