Monday, July 30, 2012

Lleida to Iregua and Logroño, Spain; Vacation 2012 part 3

Though we had to move on, we decided Lleida was the kind of place we wouldn't mind visiting again.

Traveling with a 4 year old and a 7 month old can be, um, educational. If Elias hadn't been screaming in the car from Lleida to Logroño, we might not have learned an important traffic rule in Spain: he was crying and Ben was looking for a place to pull over and spied a quiet country lane on the left of the road. Alas, the line in the middle of the road was solid instead of striped, prohibiting us from making a left turn... or it might have had we known. The Spanish traffic cops were very insistent that this rule also exists in the U.S., and maybe it does, but I've never seen it enforced or taught. Thankfully after explaining this rule multiple times they let us go with a warning. Maybe the crying kid helped with that too. While we were pulled over I noticed a place where those market snails might've come from.

Driving to Ireguas, which is a small town outside of Logroño, we got to see where a lot of the fresh fruit in Spain comes from. We passed miles of peach and pear orchards, sunflower fields and many other crops. Talia liked running along the peach orchard to stretch her legs when we stopped for a break.

In Ireguas we spotted Elias' name on the water system when we were walking around trying to find something to eat. About this time we noticed a pattern with the food places: most of them don't cook. For breakfast they serve pastries or croissants. They'll serve sandwiches with salted ham and maybe some sort of potato side for lunch but nothing cooked and no fresh vegetables. Supper seemed to have vegetables, but I was feeling pretty overloaded on carbs and looking forward to finding a salad somewhere.

While it was a good between point and the hotel in Irreguas was better than average, we wouldn't want to go back.

Next stop, Lugo!

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  1. Just catching up sounds like you are having a great trip! I"m hoping you have another camera other then your phone to keep all these picture memories.
    They are right that is a law in the US, I"m with you never heard of it being enforced.
    Take care and have fun!