Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Sea of Wax

Talia really likes playing with colors and making things, as I'm sure every kid does, so when we saw an idea to use old crayons and melt them through a glue gun to create a unique work of art, she was very interested. Every time we went to the store she would remind us that we needed to get a glue gun! Ben finally went to a cheap store by the apartment and bought us one so that we could get to work.
A friend of ours came over to make a piece for her daughter's room as well. We explained how to be careful with a glue gun and showed Talia how to hold it properly and she got started. The old crayons we were using took a little while to melt, but when they did, they poured out rather quickly... which created some interesting textures.
I thought the "A" used for our little friend's room turned out nicely. It's almost like wax splatter/drip art!
Earlier this month, we went to the beach and had gotten some shells that Talia was anticipating using. She used browns to make the beach (but it seriously looks like chocolate) and lots of blues and a green to make the water and then glued the shells in the middle.
She was very excited with the finished result. Now the only problem is figuring out which way to stand it up since every way seems to work.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I know I use the word "art" rather loosely!)


  1. thats really cool I hadn't heard of doing that with crayons but I do have a few hot glue guns, I"m going to try and remember this for next winter.

  2. who knew you could melt crayons in a glue gun. That is pretty cool! How do you avoid them getting burned though? (I always seem to burn myself with it).

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted