Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kids Unscripted: Chapter 21

Talia: (Pointing at an advertisement) "Mama, what's that? Is it an alien or something?"
Me: "I think that's called a minion."
Talia: "It's very sad that it only has one eye! He can only blink, but never wink."
Me: "No?"
Talia: "No, you need two eyes to wink... except some people have two eyes and still can't wink. Maybe they're allergic to it or something."
Talia: "What if you were lonely and you didn't have any family or husband or kids so you bought a baby otter!?"
Elias crawls in my lap and says "back?" asking me to rub his back.
 Ben: "When I was little, octopus had 12 legs."
Talia: "Nooooooo.... they're made with only 8!"
Ben: "Yes, and they were called 'duo-deca-puses'"
Talia: "Mommy, sometimes I grow new favorite colors."
Talia: "These cookies are super yummy, but I couldn't eat a thousand... and, actually, we made less than a thousand anyway."
 Elias is learning new words every day. His recent additions are "Stop!" Especially "Stop, Talia!" and the letters "I, G, B" and "H." Talia has taught him "T says 'tttt'" also and that "Talia starts with T" so many times he says "T! tttttt! Talia!" He calls himself "Lee-us" and seems to be constantly yelling "cracker!" because it's so hard to keep him full! My favorite, though, is when he tries to sing: "ay yi yi, mi amor..."

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