Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Making Popsicles

As the temperature has started creeping up again, we've been enjoying making popsicles.

They're pretty simple: We started with two ripe bananas.
Added a cup of plain yogurt.
And some blueberries that we found for a decent price at the mall, YAY!
Poured it into some (sorta small) silicone molds and froze it.

Elias was apparently paying close attention because when those were gone he tried to make his own before I found him in the kitchen with the hot cocoa mix (left from introducing "winter" traditions)  trying to make chocolate popsicles:
We did make chocolate ones, with the same ingredients plus the addition of two tablespoons of this drinking chocolate mixture. It's probably better this way than as hot chocolate in this weather, after all.

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  1. This looks like fun! We will have to give it a try! My kids eat so many popsicles and I feel with the store bought ones it is just as bad as giving them juice boxes. These look really healthy… and fun!