Friday, February 6, 2015

Kid's Unscripted: Chapter 30

Elias: "Can I hear a song on the computer?"
Me: "Which song?"
Elias: "Whack a pony!"
Me: "What in the world!???"
Elias: "...POLO!"
Me: "Ohhh... you don't whack a pony, you whack the ball!"

Elias: "You're so nice... I love you so much!"
Me: "I love you, too..."
Elias: "It's not my nap time!"
Me: "Oh really?"
Elias: "Yes, I'm on a nap time holiday" (a vacation from naps)
Natalia: "What makes volcanoes interrupt?"
Elias: "The moon was broken and I had to go fix it. Then I came back to this world."
Elias, squinting in the sun this morning: "Mommy, the sun is shouting at me."
Me: "Elias, what do you want for your birthday?"
Elias: "A rolling pin! And a spatula!"
Natalia: "I think China looks like an upside down goat with a hump on its back."
Natalia: "Do you know what 'off-o-sites' are?"
Me: "What?"
Natalia: "Offices on opposite sides of a building..."
Elias: (pointing at a picture of a bunny) "I want one of those! I want a blue one!"
Ben: "What do you think is one half of a fourth?"
Talia: "Is it one-twoth?"

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