Thursday, April 2, 2015

Desert Storms

We had the two days of sprinkles and rain a week or so ago that are allotted as normal for a desert year... Which was wonderful and refreshing, but does mean that for two days we couldn't hang clothes outside. Elias likes to help put the clothes in our combined washer/dryer machine and, this time, put his dirty shoes in it as well. It made sense to him: they were dirty, they should be washed... Normally that wouldn't be an issue since we never use the dryer when it is not raining, but this day it was. We ended up with this:

Shoes with the decoration peeled off, shrunk to half their normal size and curled up. I was surprised (to find them in there, first) to see how different they were when they came out! 

Today there is a different kind of storm. We woke up to yellow light coming in the windows and when we went to see what it was, there was a hazy fog of sand sitting in the air everywhere. Ben couldn't drive to work it is so thick. We had to wipe sand off of the table before we could eat breakfast!

The kids and I are glad Ben is home, whatever the reason! They were playing "sandstorm travelers" and created this mask to "help them breathe in storms":

It's nice to have unexpected time together, even if it's sand storming.

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