Saturday, August 15, 2015

Van Horn, Texas to Tucson, Arizona; Texas to Cabo Trip 2015 Part 3

One of the different things about this part of Texas is that we haven't seen a grocery store in several hundred miles, (before entering Van Horn, TX and as we travel into Mountain Time Zone the last hour of driving through west Texas.)

This is mostly what there was to see:

We were reminded that we were still in Texas this morning at breakfast:
We went through El Paso and crossed into New Mexico, a state neither of us had visited before.
In Las Cruces, NM the kids had a blast at a train museum!

And the rock museum in Deming, NM where we got a lesson in which minerals make which colors in rocks, and about different agates.
After which we crossed into Arizona:

Where they boasted all kinds of different jerky:
The kids had a hard time with this stretch of the road getting to Tucson. It was hot, but we made it!

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