Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What To Do When You're Waiting for Paperwork in Calexico


Salvation Mountain; Crazy place in Niland, CA where this guy built up a mountain of hay, coated it in something, then used thousands of gallons of paint to cover it in scriptures and decorations.


Mountains and desert on one side and the accidentally created Salton Sea with its pelicans on the other. The kids had fun finding pelican feathers.

The International Banana Museum in Mecca, CA had almost everything banana you could think of. 

Wisteria Candy Cottage 
Unfortunately, this famous chocolate shop was closed on the day we visited... So we went to the:

Desert view tower
The views at the top of this tower/shop/information center were spectacular but the wind was super strong! On the same property were some kid-friendly caves and rock formations.

Coming next: what to do when you unexpectedly hear your work visas will take an extra week and a half and you're in southern California...

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