Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beauty Through my Daughter's Eyes

My little girl sees things differently than I do. She looks at people and doesn't notice weight or symmetry or age or things I've been trained to see, but focuses directly on their smile and how they can connect with her. Those who take the time to talk to her and show her they care get a special title.

She thinks those people are "beautiful."

This goes for women and men alike. The older gentleman who always stops to shake her hand at church is "such a nice man! I like to shake his hand!" Our neighbor who stops feeding her chickens to talk to her is "beautiful!" Age has no bearing, she only sees if people care or not.

I know that from a young age you are shaped by people in your environment and their actions. This impacts me in two ways.
First, it helps me know how children view me and how little things I do can be so big in their eyes.
Second, it helps me realize how I am thankful that my daughter can find beauty in people who might otherwise be overlooked. I hope that one day this will go from seeing beauty in others to developing it in herself and passing it on.


  1. Wow, beautifully said...Just what i needed to read today. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. I think she has been given a special gift by God...perhaps you should ask Him how you can train her in this for His purposes. ;-)

    What a gift!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  3. I think it is a gift of His Grace *an unearned gift. I think it is something each of us can walk in, but to some, it is something that is in there naturally...kind of like when people see things half full and not half empty.

    Finding beauty in something is also a compassion gifting. it allows you to empty your heart of self and instead lift someone else (higher than yourself.)

    Not sure if this makes sense or if this answers your question fully.

    In asking Him (as we should for each of our children), we can help to equip them for the work HE has for them. Certainly this has many facet that He could reveal to you. Working also on the gift of discernment would be good as she grows, as you also don't want to be gullible with seeing beauty in everything (obviously evil has no beauty, though it may have some type of counterfeit beauty that could easily deceive someone without discernment.)


  4. Lovely! Hope she doesn't change that!