Thursday, December 22, 2011

Homestead Heritage: Fiber Crafts

In October several homeschooling families went on a field trip to Homestead Heritage in Waco, Texas. This is a place committed to sustainability and community that I recommend checking out if you're ever in the area. As reflected on their website:

"Our Traditional Crafts Village showcases a community of craftsmen who have returned, not to the past, but to the enduring values exemplified in handcraftsmanship. True craft requires more than skill: it expresses the craftsmen’s care and concern, their personal investment in everything they do. You can visit the shops of our crafts village, watch our craftsmen work, even attend classes to learn craft skills and, in all this, experience with our craftsmen the joy and fulfillment of returning to craft, the art of work."

Because there was so much to see that I think a single post with all of it would be picture and information overload, I'm going to separate the different stations they had into different posts for this week.

One of my favorite workshops to visit was the Fiber Crafts shop.

Here we were introduced to...
a beautiful selection of naturally dyed fibers.

The loom.
I liked the useful decoration of the wooden ceiling beam.
Just looking at the beautiful colors makes me want to make something.
Foot pedals on the loom.
 Batya measuring her weaving.

I loved all of the colorful yarn and threads displayed throughout the shop.
There were many looms for when there is a class.
For comparison, a piece of Guatemalan textile patchwork and...

 a Swedish version of a patchwork weaving.

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  1. very neat looking place, those just aren't the kind of crafts I"m even remotley good at. Luckily my grammy loved to quilt so we have many beautiful quilts.