Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homeschooling Field Trip: Visiting the Zoo

Above: Talia with a silverback gorilla.

Talia loves animals, so the zoo is an amazing place to her. In Guatemala City, La Aurora Zoo in the capital is a small zoo with mostly little cages for their animals, but it was the first zoo she was old enough to appreciate- being old enough to know what the animals were.

Above: Watching the penguins.

When we had the opportunity to visit the DFW zoo while on a trip to the States, she couldn't wait! This time, she knew their names and if they were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores and she could make more detailed observations. It was a great science extension for what we had been studying in home school.

Above: Snakes, something we'd rather experience in the zoo than in the wild!

She especially enjoyed the water species where she could get a good view up close because of the glass. This turtle (below) was a particular favorite!

Something I like about the zoo is that it is something she can appreciate at many ages and still learn something new every time! How do you use the zoo as a teaching tool?


  1. its sad but the said of the state we are on does not have a zoo so Maya does not remember really ever goign to one. I never did go to the one in Guatemala I heard it was pretty depressing and beign an animal lover I have a hard time. I might take her this year. We do have a place with big cats but I won't go because sure they took in cats that people tried to have as pets but then they are also bredding tiger and lions together, this bugs me so I make my husband take her once a year if they want.

  2. I have gone to the Guatemalan zoo and it is small but not depressing. Though it isn't as enlightened a zoo as wealthier countries can afford, it has progressed greatly and the animals do not look mistreated or underfed at all. I used to take my kids to zoos at whichever city we visited, and I cannot recall one trip they did not enjoy, no matter if the zoo was big or small. I love the photos in this post. Especially the first one.