Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kids Unscripted: Chapter 23

Elias: (dropping toys in the bucket and mostly missing and making a mess) "Mama, mess!"
Me: "Did you make a mess?"
Elias: *nods*
Me: "Go pick it up..."
Elias: "Mommy's turn!"
Me: "I don't think so!"
Talia: "The thing about this paper airplane is that I know it doesn't have any feelings, but it sure is acting tired."
Talia: "If I draw 'x's side by side and make them hold hands at the top and the bottom they make beautiful diamond shapes!"
 Talia: (with a measuring tape) "Is this a cillimeter?"
Talia: "I'm going to make frog dressing, like flies grinded up: the kind of dressing frogs eat... so that when I get a pet frog he can eat it! I bet frogs would like fly pies, too."
Talia: "Understanding means just not dis-understanding..."
Talia: "How do you know if it's a fig tree or a maple tree, because both have 5 points on their leaves?"
Talia: "Mommy, do you want me to tell you a kindful story?"
Me: "Elias, what did you do with the blueberries?"
Elias: "Round and round!" [blender]
Me: "What are you going to make with them?"
Elias: "Pockles!" [popsicles]
Talia: "If, when I grow up someone asks me to be queen, I will be a queen of discipline instead of violence."
Ben: (to me) "Mama, don't tell Talia, but I love her a LOT!"
Talia: "Why would you tell Mama not to tell me?! That's a lovely thing to say!"
Elias: "Lias, monkey!"
Me: "Elias is a monkey?"
Elias: "Yeah! Mommy, bear!"
Me: "Mommy is a bear? What's Talia?"
Elias: "Cracker!"
Me: "What's Papi?"
Elias: "Banana!"
Me: (to Talia) "Thank you for eating your supper even though you didn't like it."
Talia: "Yeah... I think the only way to fix that one is to just not make it."
Me: "Elias, did you poot?"
Elias: (shaking his head no) "Cat poot!"
(We don't have a cat...)

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