Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kids Unscripted; Chapter 28

Ben: (after Talia played a really good move on a board game) "Oh, it's ON now!"
Talia: "Yeah, we turned it back on..."
(Talia and Elias playing hospital:)
Talia: "So what's your problem? Are you too hot?"
Elias: "Too cold!"
Talia: "Ok" (and apparently he goes in something like a toaster oven because then I hear...)
"DING! 9 degrees! You're just right!"
Talia: "Why is the answer always no?"
Ben: "Maybe you're asking the wrong questions..."
Ben: "When you're a kid you just have to learn, learn, learn."
Talia: "Yeah, and you get tired of teaching me sometimes, that's why you rented me a school..."
Me: "It's bedtime"
Elias: "WAAAHHHH!"
Me: "Do you want a story about a frog?"
Elias: "No..." 
(Broken hearted) "bad frog..."
Talia: "You're too little to do that!"
Elias: "No, Elias is big, BIG!"
Talia: "Fine, you're too big to do that."
Elias: "Yes, ok. Big."
Elias: "Mommy, I'm a super hero."
Talia: "Where's the fireplace? Or the chimney?!"
Me: "We live in the desert..."
Ben: (to Elias with his play stethoscope) "Did you hear my heart?"
Elias: "yes, talking..."
Ben: "What'd it say?"
Elias: "Hello, Elias!"

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