Friday, October 17, 2014

Kids Unscripted: Chapter 29

Ben: (at supper) "Talia, you're waxing poetic about that..."
Elias: "Talia's not waxing in the diamond room!" 
(Diamond meant "dining.")
Elias: "Whale eat Jonah with cheese..."
Me: "With CHEESE!?"
Elias: "Yes. Whale eat one Jonah. Shark want two..."
Talia: "When I see bright purple it makes my throat feel spicy..."
Talia: "Sheeram and Yokeedotch [that's a phonetic spelling, I have no clue!] were running around the classroom. I think they wanted to get their energy out"
Me: "How do you get your energy out at school?"
Talia: "I write, you have to wiggle your hand to write!"
Elias: "Grammy went back to the Nice Dates of America"
Me: "I have an idea for your birthday cake"
Elias: "In the refrigerator!"
Me: "No, your birthday is not until December"
Elias: "We have to drive to December and get the cake!"
Ben: (to the kids outside) "Why is the bicycle on the table?"
Talia: "Because we are building a house."
Ben: "So why is the bicycle on the table?"
Talia: "It's a machine to carve off the sharp."
Me: "Talia, do you like mashed potatoes?"
Talia: "Yes, especially when they're surrounded by things I don't like..."
Me: "You didn't like the chicken?"
Talia: "No... it turns into strings when you chew it and it tastes like beach sand."
Me: "When did you try beach sand?"
Talia: "Well, it was an accident..."
Ben: "It's supper time!"
Elias: "No, it's shawarma-warma time!"
Ben: "Do you want some chill out tea?"
Me: "Chamomile? Sure..."
Elias: "I want some tea! Chilly tea!"
Talia: "It's a moth! It's brown, you like brown!"
Ben: "I like coffee brown and wood brown, not moth-that's-been-flapping-around-in-the-desert brown!"

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