Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kids Unscripted: Chapter 19

Talia: "All of our tigers are sweet ones that hug."
Talia: (after falling off of her bike) "one thing that doesn't need a friend is a scratch, those are better off lonely."
PawPaw: "Maybe we can save the shoes that are too small for Elias for a baby brother or sister."
Talia: "If there's another brother or sister, it's going to be mine. Elias will have to wait for another one."
Aunt Chel: "Turkeys don't say 'quack!'"
Talia: " They do in my pretendment."
PawPaw: "Who's this?" (Pointing to Talia)
Elias: "Talia!"
PawPaw: "Who's this?" (Pointing to me)
Elias: "Mama!"
PawPaw: "Who's this?" (Pointing to himself)
Elias: "PawPaw!"
PawPaw: "Who's this?" (Pointing to TeMaw)
Elias: (blank stare and then pointing to a Pepsi can.) "Pepiiii!"
Talia: "Mama, what do snails eat?"
Me: "Plants and things like bird poop."
Talia: "We should use them to clean cars!"
Talia: (to Elias) "You are funny! You are Elias and you are a boy and you are funny!"
Elias: (pointing at Talia's chocolate shake from PawPaw) "BIIIIIIIIIITE!"
Talia: "Elias, you can't always get what you want. Leave me alone, I am trying to ENJOY my shake."
Talia: "What do lions say when they yawn? 'Rawr or RAAAAAWWWWRRRRRR!'"
Me: "Look, Elias, there's a baby cow drinking its mama's milk."

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