Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kids Unscripted: Chapter 24

Me: "Talia, can you use 'last but not least' in a sentence?"
Talia: "Putting icing on a cupcake is the last but not least step!"
Ben: "what did you do with your beard? Wash it off in the bathtub?"
Elias: (nodding) "yeah!"
Elias: (crying and pointing to his top lip) "Elias hurt, mustache!"
Elias: (pointing at the window) "Mommy, wet stuff!"
Me: "That's called rain."
Elias: "Rain, like!"
Talia: (upset) "My ice wont stay on the bottom of the cup!"
Me: "There's our next science lesson..." (Can you tell we don't have ice often?)
Talia: "The dwarves smashed my finger!"
Me: "Dwarves?!"
Talia: "I mean, 'drawers.'"
Talia: "Mama, you smell like Temaw..."
Me: "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"
Talia: "A good thing."
Me: "What does that smell like?"
Talia: "Lotion!"
Talia: "When my heart gets full of love, it spills over to my mouth and makes me smile!"
Elias: "Mommy: woman. Papi: man. Talia: girl. Elias: GUY!"
Talia: (to me) "I'm teaching Elias new sentences, see watch: 'Doughnuts are delicious!'"
Elias: "Doughnuts are li-dicious!"
Talia: "Good boy! I think I'm a good teacher!"
Talia: "Mommy, can you check and see if I have any goosebumps?"
Me: "I don't see any..."
Talia: "Maybe it's because I haven't grown up and gotten married yet..."
Me: "Why does getting married give you goosebumps?"
Talia: "Because you fall in love!"
Me: "And falling in love gives you goosebumps?"
Talia: "Yes! Falling in love is where your love cup spills over and you love even more and it gives you goosebumps."
Talia: "Papi, you only have two gray hairs in your beard! That means you probably won't die before I'm an adult!"

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