Thursday, June 21, 2012

A 4-year-old's Artwork: The Phase of the Parrot

Much of my daughter's inspiration for her artwork comes from what we have studied in science or seen in the natural world around us. Octopus, for example, came from a science investigation on these creatures. She then drew octopi frequently in following artwork, including the one below, which came from the end of what I'll call the octopus phase. (You can't see all of his tentacles, she said, because some of them are behind him. The baby octopi supposedly haven't developed all of theirs... yes, this is the imaginative part of "science" but isn't all art to some extent?)
She then asked me to draw the parrot on top, and thus began a whole new phase of artwork: the phase of the parrot.
Since then she has drawn many parrots. This rainbow-colored parrot has what's supposed to be a wing on the front.
This is a family of parrots, with a mommy parrot, Papi parrot and baby parrot.
Annnnd... this is what happens when Elias gets Talia's artwork. Apparently, parrots are tasty, too.

I wonder what she's going to draw next...


  1. I feel honored to have the first piece of this magnificent series in my personal collection. :)
    Ms. Vercinia

  2. beautiful. i love all the colors she used. how old is she?
    seems she is truly an artist!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted