Saturday, June 23, 2012

Modesty in the Middle East

Abu Dhabi is a very international city. Living here, one is very likely to learn about cultures from the entire world, because just about every culture lives here. Sometimes this huge cultural melting pot in the middle of an Islamic country can have its clashes. This is seen in the cover-up campaign going throughout the U.A.E. as a response to the scantily clad people, especially in the malls close to the beaches. The campaign is not forcing every woman to wear a head covering and the traditional abaya, but is simply requesting that people cover from the shoulders to the knees.

Whether you consider modesty an important part of your daily life or not, when in another culture one should consider what is appropriate for that culture. When people do not educate themselves on how to appropriately dress in another culture (or just don't care,) that culture has the right to respond with a way to enforce the desired dress code. 

I think the byline for the U.A.E. cover-up campaign says it all: "Freedom and Respect are given as long as you are not abusing them."

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