Thursday, June 7, 2012

Produce in Abu Dhabi

Every country introduces me to more new fruits and vegetables. There are several new things here in Abu Dhabi, but sometimes I can't find their names... so I took some pictures:
 (not the best with the phone, but that's the easiest way to get it.)

The only thing I recognize here, are the squashes on the top left... and I'm not super familiar with those.

I've never heard of a Pomelo before, or seen this type of fruit.

These look like particularly strange cucumbers to me.

These remind me of a large acorn or squattier-shaped eggplant.

Something else that is new to me here is the way you have to ring up the produce in its own special section. (Pictured above.) You get all of the produce you want and bag it up, then you take it to a special counter where it is weighed and labeled and ready for check out. This makes for a speedier checkout process as everything is ready to just be swiped through and paid for... but I didn't know this the first time I went and someone had to take my produce back and get it labeled for me. Oops!

Do you know what any of these things are or how to use them?


  1. Those look a lot like avocadoes in the top pic, but I'm guessing they're not if you don't recognize them! Pomelos I've had here in Guatemala, YUM! And the round blackish things look like something I've had here, too, I can't remember the name, but it's a fruit. Not very tasty though.

  2. Butternut is the squash that you recognize. It is orange flesh and very good. Pomelo(or Pummelo) is like a grapefruit and is one of my favorite fruits when they are available. Skin is thicker and flesh is sweeter. Peel, eat and enjoy the treat. ;)

  3. As a former cashier, that checkout method sounds really convenient!

  4. Oh I've heard of pumelos! Kind of like grapefruit right? Interesting way to ring up produce!

  5. Oh I've heard of pumelos! Kind of like grapefruit right? Interesting way to ring up produce!

  6. Adina,
    I've had the pomelo before! It is a pain in the butt to prepare due to the thick white pulp-like stuff on the inside, but so worth the pain when you eat it! Pomelos are one of the three original citrus fruits!

    Butternut squash is good too! I made soup with it this past winter and liked it!

    Those purple squashy things may be some kind of fruit. Not sure, maybe I saw them in Guate?

    Looks like you are having a great time!