Monday, August 20, 2012

A Coruña, Spain and the Aquarium; Vacation 2012 part 11

On our way up the coast we stopped at A Coruña to visit the aquarium. This aquarium was big enough that we spent almost 4 hours just trying to see everything.

Galicia's coastal region has many sea-related legends and cultural aspects. It was interesting to see they had a part in the museum with a well done section for songs about the sea, a big picture book of common sea legends from Galicia and interactive games.

One of Talia's (and Ben's) favorite parts was the toy boats you could steer around a tank. Elias tried to get in on that too.

A section dedicated to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was made to look like you were in a submarine and had actual gear from that first production. Since this part of the museum was underground with a huge tank, Talia liked the big shark best.

There were many microscopes and science-friendly stops all over the museum, which I liked.

Outside we had fun at the seal habitat. Talia especially liked it when they jumped in and out of the water. There was some weird looking plants here, they are in one of the pictures.

Aside from the Aquarium Finnisterae. Talia and i were able to try churros for the first time. The southern U.S. description of churros would be fried doughnut sticks that you dip in hot chocolate that is thick enough to be chocolate gravy. They were delicious, but I was also glad to hear that the hotel we found that night had a gym!

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  1. Churros are my very favorite! I dont like the ones here cause they r not fresh. But i am in love with the ones they sell on the street n Mexico!