Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lugo, Spain; Vacation 2012 part 4

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Lugo is supposed to be the only city on the world with a remaining intact Roman wall. We walked on the wall, which is about 2 kilometers, and saw, along with being a tourist attraction, many people use it to exercise and train for running.

This city was full of courteous people and interesting places. Ben recorded a guy from Romania playing the accordion at the wall entrance.

Because we are in the Galicia region of Spain the regional language of Galego appears along with Spanish on the signs. It's not too hard to understand, though, which is good since if there's only one language Galego is the default.

We found a frozen yogurt/ ice cream shop with free wifi which was appreciated to upload photos so family could see we were still alive and kicking.

The walkway through the middle of town had arches made from what looked like Sycamore trees. Talia said it looked like all of the trees were holding hands. She also liked the statue of the guy with a bicycle.

Lugo is the kind of place I wouldn't mind living in the next chapter of our saga.

Next stop, Portugal!

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