Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fontainho, Portugal; Vacation 2012 part 5

Hello from Portugal, the land of beautiful mountains and 25 degrees Celcius vs. Abu Dhabi's 45 (and sometimes more.) We are currently in a Portuguese national park area, where people live and farm and have stores just like outside of the park area. I suppose mining and lumber are prohibited within this area. There are many hiking trails, river beaches, zip lines, and picnic areas.

To get wifi we have to go down the mountain about a mile to a little cafe. Since Talia and Elias get restless if we stay there long enough to update things; I usually just do most things offline and then let Ben take my phone with him and update it when he goes to town.

There are an orange, fig and a nectarine tree right outside of the cabin. Then, there is a fenced garden with grapes growing on it right behind the trees growing corn with bean vines growing up the stalks, squash, lettuce or cabbage and broccoli. I had never seen broccoli grow before, so I was surprised to see it made almost a small tree! I thought it grew more like lettuce does. All of the Portuguese gardens I've seen also have a sprinkler on a stand in the middle, or several if it's a larger field. Coming from the desert, this is so green!

The caretakers, Blino and Delfina, live up the road and work in the garden in the morning and evening. Those are also the hours Blino goes down the road hollering behind his huge cows with big horns either moving them to or from pasture. Talia likes to stand on our side of the gate and watch him.

Portuguese, while challenging, isn't as challenging as many languages would be since we know Spanish and a little French. If we can't get our point across in Spanish-sounding "Portuguese", many people also speak French. Occasionally, though, there's a word we just can't figure out. Ben's charades to express the word "mouse" had me rolling in laughter. And, yes, I took a video!

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