Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spanish Galician Coast; Vacation 2012 part 12

Ben has always loved the Galician part of Spain, so this part of our trip was spent along the Galician coast visiting capes, bluffs and lighthouses.

On the way to the coast we stopped at a lookout spot high in the mountains. It had rocks supposedly brought for religious purposes from a pre-Roman time. A herd of horses were grazing and Talia really enjoyed watching them. The grass growing there was very short and thick and felt like we were walking on a carpet. While we were exploring, the fog started creeping up the mountain. By the time we left, we could barely see to drive.

We made it down the mountain to a lighthouse on the coast at Cabo Ortegal. We could see way down to the crashing waves and it was a long way down. The ocean was dark blue except where the rocks peeked out making the water swirl and hiss white with bubbles. The lighthouse looked abandoned, with graffiti over it and I wondered if it still worked or if all boats use GPS now.

After the lighthouse we stopped at the sea bluffs in Lubia. The beach was huge; we could see it from our lookout on the bluff. Being so high, we also got hit by the strong wind and it got chilly fast!

Next, we leave Galicia, slowly making our way back to the airport in Barcelona. Ben may shed some man tears...