Sunday, August 19, 2012

Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Vacation 2012 part 10

Santiago de Compostela has a very extensive museum on the history of culture in Galicia set up in what once was a large convent. Inside we got to see how many things were done in the past in this region, such as:

 -how houses were made with granite stones
-hand made shoes
-the process to make a boat
-basket weaving
-hundreds of versions of lace
-how to cut stones
-old musical instruments

These things were demonstrated with hundreds of miniature examples alongside real relics. A staircase with four stairways leading up in an intricate looking twist was a dramatic piece of architecture along with the carvings found in the center of the church.

A huge cathedral (that wasn't a museum) was not far from where we were staying, so we walked there after lunch. There were huge lines of people waiting to take mass and communion in this cathedral of Santiago. Around the edge of the cathedral were confession booths with signs advertising confessions able to be heard in almost any European language. Outside were booths full of souvenirs, a garden, fountains and a guy painted completely white impersonating Ghandi.

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