Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I Miss

No matter how many times you move, there are still things you miss. For me, some of these have changed since moving from Guatemala. For example, Guatemala was full of green, growing vegetation and while Abu Dhabi does an admirable job of trying to sustain gardens and trees along the roads and parks, there's still a drastic contrast to the amount of growing things. However, family and friends are always missed the most. These are some things I miss:

1. Family, friends
2. Natural green
3. Spanish
4. Natural food stores
5. Jalapenos, Mexican food
6. An easier place to exercise
7. Rain

 For everything I miss I have things that I am thankful for: new friends, new languages to learn, new foods to appreciate and the gulf right by our apartment. Life is a balancing act of growing and moving through stages. While I miss many things about the stage we just left, I see many ways to grow in this new one.

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