Thursday, August 16, 2012

Montalegre, Portugal and la ponte romana; Vacation 2012 part 7

Montalegre, Portugal isn't far from where we stayed in the national park so we visited two days to check it out. Since we are in Portugal during summer vacation, we get to see a lot of fairs and markets: one of which we enjoyed at Montalegre.

Another cool sight is the castle built on a high enough spot that you can see it from most places around town, making every moment feel like it's taking place in the past.

 On the way back we saw a sign saying there was a Roman bridge not far off of the main road, do we decided to see what it was like. We drove down a paved road by fields that then narrowed into an unpaved lane that kept getting narrower and rockier. When it dead ended at what looked like a puddle we thought we had missed it or the trail hadn't been kept up... But then we saw a tiny bridge made out of rocks:

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