Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vigo, Spain; Vacation 2012 part 6

One weekend in Portugal we took a weekend to go celebrate our 7 year anniversary (with to kids to keep it real) and to check out a church in Vigo, Spain about a 2 hour drive. It felt odd that crossing borders between countries was as simple as state lines in the States. The checkpoints between countries reminded you that Europe was in a new era.

Vigo is a port city with lots of beach tourism. Every crosswalk was full of people coming back from the beaches and each beach was lined with cars for miles. Seagulls swooped down in front of the car a few times and Talia thought it was funny that they sounded like they were laughing. Beach murals lined the streets.

Driving in the rain with an unhappy baby looking for the address for the church with barely marked roads and lots of one way streets wasn't the most fun part of this trip, but we found it! This made life much easier the next day, which was Sunday. The church, oddly enough, had no Spanish people that we noticed. We met people from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Columbia and Guatemala, however, and really enjoyed speaking Spanish again.

Ben got me a beautiful bouquet of red non-roses. (Because roses are so cliche...) I can't believe we've been writing our saga for 7 years together.

In Vigo we enjoyed having wifi again so we could communicate with family and getting to know a new city. Not much longer in Portugal and we'll be going back through Spain.

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