Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Basque Country to Pamplona, Spain; Vacation 2012 part 13

Driving through Basque country was interesting, especially trying to read the signs written in the Basque language. Lots of k's, x's and z's seemed to be used. Benjamin admitted that next to Galicia, the Basque language and country would be his favorite in Spain. Maybe he just likes k's, x's and z's. According to some, Basque is the language from before the tower of Babel, "since only God could create such a perfect language." I bet you can figure out where that opinion originated. ;) However, it does have mysterious origins and a people who are proud of their language and culture.

Driving from the coast of Galicia, the landscape begins rocky and mountainous with amazing greenery and gradually becomes flatter and browner as we move east. The temperature also seems to go up, perhaps due to lower elevation. Our stopping point between Galicia and Barcelona was in Pamplona.

Pamplona is famous for its "running of the bulls," but we liked it more for the El Corte Inglès store that had super deals on kid's clothes, much cheaper than what I've seen in Abu Dhabi. We also saw some interesting architecture in Pamplona and on the road outside of it.

Next, Barcelona before we fly home!

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